Indian Modern Art By Famous Artist

Indian Modern Art

Modern art of India, several disciplines have been included such as Drawing, Painting, Photography and Modern Sculpture, in which importance has been given to Western or the European style , not to Indian style based on ancient tradition.

The new revolution came in the field of painting at the end of the 19th century by the efforts of Raja Ravi Varma and Abanindranath Tagore. The art work of that time, with the specific identity, known as The School Of The Bengal Art. Ganganendranath Tagore delineated light and shadow effect in their painting just like Cubism in Europe.

He was affected by the dazzling urban surroundings of Kolkata. Whereas kept having the naturality in his paintings and insisting on one expression and this approach is known as expressionism.

Some oil painting defines its beauty with some deep meaning –

  • Rama Vanquishing The Pride Of The Ocean:

 In the late 19th century, Raja Ravi Varma had painted this modern art with oil colours. The theme of this painting has been taken from the Valmiki’s Ramayana, in which shree Ram has been shown vanquishing the pride of the ocean.

In one of the topics of the Ramayana Sri Rama together with his monkey-army prepare to go to Sri Lanka so that Sita could be released from the clutches of Raavan. But the huge Ocean  blocked their way.

Sri Ram firstly requested but after he angrily took up the arrow and warned the ocean to eradicate that.

moder art

Raja Ravi Varma,s artist mind gives shape to that moment of Ramayana– near ocean Sri Ram has been shown on the rock of shore, in angry mood holding an arrow in his right hand a bow in his left hand and. His clothes give the feeling of  blowing air.

In this Modern art, the placidity of color and  rythemicity in linear delineation is capable of attracting the attention of anyone. This painting manifests the effects of light and shadow the qualities of the European style of art.

  • Magician :

Ganganendranath Tagore made this pacture with a tempera technique of water colour based on the European style Cubism in the beginning of the 20th century.

In this picture, with the best combination of light and shadow of various colours,geomatrical shapes are seen in the shapes of cubes in various parts Their base surfaces are seen broken. This modern art is the magic of Cubism.

Various dimensions of geometrical shapes have been shown very beautifully with various lustres of black and white colours.

The bearded magician in this painting has worn white clothes of japanese style that looks to be part of front of him has been shown a beautiful princess standing in the class cabin. On the backside the mysterious figure has also been shown in the picture.

The whole painting seems like a modern showroom,where,  the reflection of light, the attractive technique of Tempra of origin of light-shadow gives an inkling gives effect of magical city.

  • Mother And Children

 This modern art painting has been painted wih the water colour in A.D. by Jamini Roy in which has shown infinite love between a mother and her child.

The mortality of motherhood in entirely of womanhood is the soul of Indian philosophy by slanting and semi slanting as well as rhythmic curvatures of lines the painter not only raised the physical structures of the child but also completed the lack of ornaments.

The painter has established the best conjugation between the colours and the lines. The specification of this painting is that the figure is delineated clearly with black,yellow,dark brown,white and vermilion colours.

In both the human figures, the face expression and the size of eyes are equal but wondrous.The leaves and the flowers of plants have been painted ordinarily.

To make ornaments in this picture only white and black lines have been drawn to provide shapes of the jewels. Rhythmic lines have made the tenderness of the fingers, toes of the hands and the feet together.

modern art

Three Girls:

During 1936-40 A.D., Amrita Sher-Gil painted three girls with oil colours on canvas. with traditional clothes, sitting together in gloomy countenance The simplicity in this picture has been shown .

they also wore the light green,pink,and red-grey apparels. This seem to be increasing this gloominess more.

The inkling of shadow on the wall of  background has made the family mysterious.

They worried about the future and the marriages of three young girls. The artist has tried to express the feeling of hardships of the old members of the family through the emotion of these three gloomy faces.

Their eyes and expressions of their faces are explaining that there is no classes or no zeal left in life or life has no meaning. Through this modern art, the artist has explained the social admonition by keeping them speechless.

  • Mother Teresa:

 Mother Teresa is a series of paintings on canvas, initiated by Maqbool Fida Hussain in 1979 A.D. In these paintings oil and acrylic colours have been used.

In this famous painting world famous affectionate Mother Teresa and various work forms related to human sensation have been shown done by her institutions.

The painter has extended the blue bordered white saree in such a way that, the colourless faces might become dominant  without describing the sentiments like religion,caste,breed and apartheid.on the one side the she is giving the shelter to affectionate girl who represents the orphan homeless children has been shown.

On the other side, he also showed a sick person lying on his knees. The right hand seems signalling them of keeping hope, solace and endurance., he has shown green-coloured leaves.

  In the shadow of the shape of blue bordered yellow saree infused in them the nurturing of an infant and the essence of all happiness of life in an affectionate lap.

In this way, the painter has expressed his feelings by dividing this modern art in 3 phases.

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